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This established style is classic and timeless. Framed door profiles that may have more embellishment, additional curves or details that increase the visual complexity of the overall look. Although some traditional spaces are created with light and bright colours, it is more common to see Character-rich wood tones and elegant intricate mouldings. Conservatively speaking, you’re safe and sound in this tried and true aesthetic.



Transitional style is primarily a pared down traditional base with cleaner lines and often light and bright colours. Frequently defined by a shaker door with a simple profile, uncluttered elevations and crisp geometric shapes and accents. By adding colour, graphic tile or eclectic light fixtures, this overall look aims to feed the fresh and funky appetite.



Contemporary styles are sleek and sophisticated, almost always achieved with a flat or slab face door front in solid colours or linear grain woods. Some prefer functionality over fuss and these individuals lean more to the minimal look as it tends to be lower maintenance and has an overall tidy appearance. Don’t let the visual simplicity fool you though, the emphasis is in the clean details.


It’s all in the details...